Sheona Brown, 8 Endrick Gardens, Milngavie, G62 7RN, East Dunbartonshire. (tel: 0141 956 3866)

I have had the pleasure of tutoring David while he studies his Diploma in Cynology with Compass Education and Training. I have found David to be an extremely hard worker who puts in a huge amount of effort into his work and who uses his initiative when facing any problem. His papers have always been clearly and concisely presented, and have been comprehensively studied with a good deal of very relevant information, both from his own experience and from the extensive research which he carries out.  From this, I can infer that he takes a pride in all that he does.  David’s study plan and his wealth of experience should give him a very good grounding for working with dogs. I have no doubt that he will achieve any goal in this area that he strives for.

I have found David to have a very pleasant manner, and he seems patient and understanding. With his
personality as well as his background, I’m sure he is well suited to dealing with people (and dogs!) from all walks of life.

I would have no hesitation in recommending David for working with dogs in the future as I believe he would bring a huge amount of enthusiasm and knowledge, as well as practicality to any situation. He is passionate about dogs and is clearly keen to further his understanding of them. With this determination, together with his positive outlook, I believe he will achieve the targets he sets himself, and to my mind, would be a great asset to the fields of behaviour and training.

Sheona Brown
DMS, Dip. An. Beh.; Dip. Can. Beh. Dip.; Dip. Fel Beh & Psych.; Vet Nutritional Advisor; MIACE; MSCAS

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David took my elder collie and took the time to train him to use a ramp. He gave him a quality of life that was priceless. Please take the time for you and your pet to bond with David in a positive direction. 

Donna Dillon

Bushkill, PA