The Play Date and Sleepover

Some doggies and kitties need a lot of care and attention and prefer to sleep next to a human at night.  Furthermore, when you are away for a long period of time, you may want to be assured that your home  will be safe and well-kept.

We will sleep in your home while you are away.  The sleepover includes a 14-hour overnight stay  (usually 6pm to 8am. ) A morning and evening walk and play as well as feeding.  If necessary we will also administer medications. (Extra fee may apply).  Your home will look occupied while you are away, so you do not have to stress about its safety.  We will be available to care for house plants, keep the house tidy, bring in mail and any other special  instructions you may have.  

$70.00 per night (based on one pet)*

You may also consider having us do a mid day walk.  *Addition fee maybe applied.

* Please see Dog Walking on our navigation menu for prices.

If  you have  a cat, your cat is spoiled with love and lots of attention. We will provide fresh food and water,  scooping and/or changing the litter box, brushing, playtime and lots of hugs.

$70.00  per night (based on one pet)*

*Additional fee of ($5.00) per pet

*Additional fee may be applied for

holidays and administrating medication

Pet Sitting

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